Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Can we define love ? It's not easy because love means different things to different people . However , generally , love is understood as having a deep affection for someone or something . Deep feeling can develop among friends who perhaps share the same interests as one does or have similar philosophies in life . This special friendship can live on for years even though they seldom each other . This is because they know that there is a bond that brings them together . In this case , distance is not a factor for love to grow .
Then there is the love for God . Many people put their lives on this path . In some cultures , their love goes beyond pain just as to show their utmost devotion for God . In this case , love and faith exist side by side .
Therfore , love is many things and no matter how we perceive it , it exists everywhere in various forms or circumstances . Through love , we understand what relationships are , what friendships mean and what knowledge is . Without love , we live an empty life , without joy and contentment and that is very sad indeed .

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